Notable Algorithms: Divisors of a number
This is a classical in technical interviews, learn how to solve it and gain experience and confidence 😉

This time I bring to all of you, the solution of a well-known algorithm and often used in technical interviews, it isn't hard to solve at all but it can put you in trouble if you don't practice solving algorithms. So let's get started.

Problem Statement

Given a number, I want to get all its divisors, for instance:

The function Divisors(10) must return: 1,2,4,10.

Building the Algorithm

What we are going to do is the following steps:

  • Declare a list, this will be the response
  • Iterate from 1 to the given number
  • Check the remainder (% in Javascript) for each iteration
  • If the remainder is zero then add it to the response list
  • Return the list

Easy peasy huh? 😄 Let's code in JS:

function Divisores(limite){
    var listaRespuesta = [];//response list declaration
    for(let i = 1; i<= limite ; i++){
        if(limite % i == 0)
            listaRespuesta.push(i);//if the remainder is zero then add to the list
    return listaRespuesta;
console.log(Divisores(10)); //making a test with 10 value


Here I will use Visual Studio Code with NodeJS for executing JavaScript in the console, let's see:

Done buddy! 😉

So now you know how you can solve this algorithm, practice a lot and get more confidence 😊

You can download the codebase in my Github account

Think different will make you different and great.

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