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Hey you are smart, did you know? I tell you this because not every person enjoys learning and reading in specialized blog like this one. Let me introduce myself, I'm Gerson Azabache Martínez, a peruvian software engineer, my main role is backend developer with the amazing .Net 6+ with C# 😎

Let me tell you a bit more, my tech passion began when I was six while using that old Win 95 PC and a software called LOGO 🐢 a program where you write instructions codes, distances and angles and the turtle make what you told her in the screen, this was my first sight to programming and logic world and I wasn't aware of that till then 😁. When I went to my father's job I saw him with that computer and a big EPSON dot matrix printer, I thought he had super powers, he is like a hero for me.

After time, my beloved mom bought for me a collection of little books that came with a newspaper, the collection's name was "Computación fácil" (easy computing) I read all the 10 little books and I will always remember the last one, its name was "Programación" (programming) and there I learnt the BASIC language very basics. I noticed this was the kind of job I would like to do, so after school I went to college to study computer science, it was hard but and in the matter of time I started to learn how to code by trial and error, this is why this blog exists, to help you achieve your main goal as a software developer: learn how to code with an easy way at your pace, crack the interviews and get a good and healthy job.

I've been working as IT Analyst and developer for many local companies in my country mainly of beverage, retail industry and as freelancer, I also worked remotely in Cloud Creations Inc. USA with Salesforce technologies, as .NET software engineer in BairesDev and now in Jalasoft as backend trainer for the Jala University bootcamp programs, and as a software engineer as well.

Thanks for reading and for your time.


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Years of Experience in IT and Software Development

Succesfully developed projects in corporate and autonomous

Let's talk about technologies and tools

These are my favorite technologies and tools

Trello | Azure Devops

Great app for managing projects, cloudy based and colaborative, ideal when using SCRUM framework.

Kanban Flow

A project can be managed just with Trello but if you add a Kanban table with pomodoro, you'll be unstoppable.


Regarding to software version control this is a MUST HAVE tool and skill for almost every software developer.

SQL Server | EF

It's te DBMS I like the most, however you can choose between SQL and NoSQL, MongoDB is also a great choice.

YouTube | Udemy

Not kidding, Youtube is one of the most usefull platforms for developers, a vast source of knowledge and practice.

Books, Podcasts...

Learning never ends, reading a book allows you to grab all the author's knowledge and experience.

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My Skills

Backend oriented skills with a strong .Net background but front-end enthusiast as well, I really like Angular 😊

.NET Framework | Core Web APIs
SQL Server | Entity Framework | ADO.NET
.NET Core | Framework MVC Web Apps
Swagger | Postman | Desktop apps
HTML CSS JavaScript